About Us

E-Jyotish today is fast-emerging astrology software company for those seriously inclined towards making of computerised horoscope with astrology predictions, numerlology, gemstones  & bio-rhythm report. Conceived in 1990, with the advent of the computerised horoscope software, we are today a chosen destination for those seriously inclined towards accurate astrological calculations.

The process of making horoscope has been made simple by the way of prepaid cards. Just ken in Pin no. and fill up your your date of birth and exact time & place at which you were born and we’ll figure out what lies in store for you. What names would hold my kids in good stead? Am I tying the knot with the right person? Would business leap or lose out this year? Is a promotion in store or will it be the same boring post? Amethyst or sapphire? Get to know all from our Astro reports.

At E-Jyotish, we will chart out your life plan, navigate you through the hurdles life has in store. e-jyotish, run by professionals in the field, provides you astro calculations, Life & Yearly Predictions based on best astrologer in indian with Lagna, Rashi, Navamsa Charts, KP Charts, Vimshottari & Ashtotari Dashas, Sade Sati Details, Astrology Predictions, Gemstones, Numerology & bio-rhythm report conveniently printed in a book format will be delivered at your doorstep.

Further we also have collaborated a Weekly Prediction comlum based on Sunsigns. The predictions are from ones of top most astrologers of India.

E-Jyotish horoscopes also double up as excellent, interesting gifts. The parents of a new born baby would be delighted when you gift them a E-Jyotish Astro Prepaid Card. Also you could get horoscope and predictions of your partner to read and to know him better as a person.